What is login.gov and why do I have to create an account?

What is login.gov?

login.gov is a service that offers secure and private online access to government programs, such as federal benefits, services and applications. With a login.gov account, you can sign into multiple government websites with the same email address and password.

Why is USAJOBS using login.gov?

login.gov uses two-factor authentication, and stronger passwords, that meet new National Institute of Standards of Technology requirements for secure validation and verification. By using login.gov, you’ll get an extra layer of security to help protect your USAJOBS profile against password compromises.

What will happen to my USAJOBS profile?

Nothing will happen to the information stored in your USAJOBS profile. You’ll keep all of your applications, saved searches and saved jobs.

Once you set up a login.gov account, we’ll link it back to your USAJOBS profile. The only difference is you’ll use your login.gov email address, password and the one-time security code to sign into USAJOBS

What do I need to do?

You need to create a login.gov account, if you don’t already have one. Your old USAJOBS username and password won’t work anymore. You’ll need to:

  1. Create a login.gov account - you only need to do this once.
  2. Enter an email address—use the same email address you use for USAJOBS (your primary or secondary email address), if you have an existing profile with us.
  3. Create a new password.
  4. Select your first method of authentication—having another way to sign in keeps your account more secure than using only a password. You can choose between text messages, phone calls, an authentication application, a security key, or backup codes. Government employees can also use their PIV card or CAC.
  5. Select a backup method of authentication—you need to select a backup method, in case you don’t have access to your first choice (for example you don’t have access to your phone).

Once you’ve finished setting up your login.gov account, you’ll go back to USAJOBS to finish the process. Double check your USAJOBS Profile to make sure all of your information is accurate.

You need to use your login.gov email address, password and one of the two-factor authentication methods you set up, every time you want to sign into USAJOBS.

What if I already have a login.gov account?

If you already have a login.gov account, you don’t need to create a second one. Use your existing login.gov email address, password, plus one of the two-factor authentication methods you set up, to sign into USAJOBS.

What email address do I use to create a login.gov account?

Use your primary or secondary USAJOBS email address, so we can automatically link your USAJOBS profile to your login.gov account. If you use a different email address, we won’t be able to automatically link your profile.

We recommend you don’t use a .gov, .mil, .edu or any other ‘work’ email address. Instead, you should use a non-government and non-work email address. If you currently use one of these email types for USAJOBS, you may want to change it AFTER you get through the account set-up process.

You also can’t use an email address you share with someone else.

If you use a .gov, .edu, .mil or work-related email as your primary email address, and then you leave your government job, military position, private sector job or school, you won’t have access to that email address anymore. Without access to that email address, it will be much harder to verify who you are, if you need to reset your password. You also won’t get emails about jobs and other important USAJOBS information.

Using a personal email address that you control (such as a Gmail account), is the best way to make sure you can always get to important USAJOBS messaging and profile information.

If you currently use one of these email types for USAJOBS, you may want to change it AFTER you get through the login.gov account set-up process.

Can I use a different email address from my USAJOBS email address, when setting up my login.gov account?

When you first create your login.gov account, you need to use the same email address you currently use for USAJOBS. This will let us link your USAJOBS profile information to your new account. If you want to change your email address, we recommend you do it AFTER you’ve successfully linked your profile and login.gov account.

Can I share a login.gov account with another person?

No. Each person needs their own login.gov account. If you’ve shared your USAJOBS account in the past, with a spouse or child, you can no longer do this with login.gov. Each person must set up their own login.gov account, with their own personal email address (not an email that you share with someone else).